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C2M stands for Cement to Metal Bond. C2M is a cement-based, cost-effective, multi-functional coating that functions as a protective layer that can be used as part of a more comprehensive anti-corrosion coating system. C2M dries smooth, creating a strong bridge between rusted metal surfaces and application-specific topcoats.

C2M requires minimal hard rust surface preparation while providing high substrate and topcoat bond strength. It also cleans up easily and quickly with just water and is environmentally friendly and safe. Highly flexible, it can be bent up to 90 degrees without cracking.

Maxon C2M stands out as an environmentally friendly product as it incorporates recycled industrial material, boasts an exceptionally low VOC level of less than 20g per liter, and offers effortless application and use.



  • Sprayed: 500 square feet/45.5 square meters
  • Rolled: 400 square feet/37.15 square meters

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