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Public Works

Discover a vast array of anti-corrosion solutions for the Public Works sector and also get a deep understanding of all the projects we have undertaken in the Public Works sector, across boundaries.

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Explore the wide range of anti-corrosion solutions for the Construction industry and get an overview of the projects we have successfully completed for this industry segment.

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Rely on Maxon’s wide range of corrosion protection solutions for the Mining sector to ensure maximum production and profit along with continued growth.

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Maxon’s corrosion protection solutions safeguard against losses and complaints due to metal deterioration caused by natural elements and general wear and tear.

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Anti-corrosion solutions that are tailored for Defence organisations for the prevention of corrosion in vehicles, aircraft, equipment, infrastructure, facilities, naval vessels, and more.

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Explore the wide range of anti-corrosion solutions for the Fabrication sector and gain an understanding of the projects we have successfully completed in this industry vertical.

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With a wide variety of solutions for the Production sector, we have been able to provide innovative and pathbreaking answers for several projects in this sector.

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Get an in-depth understanding of our solutions for the Manufacturing sector and also about the projects we have completed for this vertical, across geographies.

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Discover a vast array of solutions for the Energy sector and the wide variety of projects we have undertaken in the sector, worldwide.

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Oil and Gas

Explore our wide range of solutions for the Oil and Gas industry and the many projects we have undertaken globally within the sector.

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Learn about our extensive expertise in the Marine industry and discover our range of world-class products designed to protect Marine assets.

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Agriculture & Food Processing

Discover the extensive list of solutions we offer to protect assets of businesses operating within the Agriculture industry.

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Maxon offers world-class solutions for enterprises in the Desalination industry to safeguard their assets from the harmful effects of corrosion.

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