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Corrosion occurs when the protective layer in concrete steel reinforcement is destroyed. Corrosion of steel produces hydrated iron oxide or rust, which is very expansive. This expansion builds up internal pressure until the concrete fails in the form of spalling. This is a leading cause of concrete deterioration and numerous studies have been performed to prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Structural surveys and inspections revealed damages to infrastructure beyond what was expected. We used a high-pressure power wash to remove all the loose debris and delaminated surfaces, exposing the rebar. Next, we used an airless sprayer to apply Maxon CP, a revolutionary product that is able to extend the life of concrete as well as help in the proper restoration of spalling concrete. After this, Maxon HW was sprayed directly onto the concrete and the exposed rebar. This treatment will continue to shield and protect the interior concrete for many years. Next, we treated the rusty rebar with Maxon CRS, a rapidly curing primer designed to bond with all metals on both corroded and non-corroded surfaces. It also contains oxygen blocking and electrolyte neutralizing properties that pacify the corrosion process, stopping and preventing rust. Lastly, we applied Maxon C2M onto the rebar and the existing concrete to create a strong adhesive bond with the rapid curing concrete applied over this.

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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