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Years of neglect, being moored at sea and not dry docked, led this ship to be exposed to the corrosion-inducing properties of the sea and marine environment. Furthermore, water collected within increased the rate of corrosion.

Once cleaned of debris, foreign particles, and the pools of water drained, Maxon CRS was applied directly onto the rust on the surface without the need for sandblasting or grinding. Furthermore, CRS has the unique ability to penetrate tightly adhered intact rust and pacify the corrosion process, dramatically reducing prep time and costs. It contains oxygen blocking properties that virtually stop the corrosion process. Once dry, a coat of C2M was applied. C2M resists multiple environmental threats, including ultraviolet light, abrasion, freeze/thaw, thermal shock, salt, fog, and humidity. It cleans up easily and quickly with just water and is environmentally friendly and safe.

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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