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We completed this project for a technology and services provider to the oil and gas industry from upstream to end-user downstream. The company’s services encompass several services, from exploration, drilling, and production to refining, processing, and distribution.

Oil and gas manifold diverts oil or gas, without flow interruption, from the separator to a crude oil burner for disposal, to a surge tank or gauge tank for measurements or storage, or to a production line. Oil and gas manifolds also isolate the test equipment to prevent flow interruptions if the testing equipment is pulled out of service temporarily. MAXON CRS was first applied to prevent corrosion formation, and also to reinforce the manifolds. MAXON H2Poxy-A was then applied as a liquid-resistant, protective layer for the manifolds. The combination ensures that the pipe would not corrode despite being subject to oil, gas, water, high temperatures, and harsh climate.

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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