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This property provides wonderful vistas overlooking the sea. However, this comes with a price. The foundation and structural integrity are highly compromised due to continuous exposure to seawater, especially during high tides when the water rises and submerges a portion of the structure. Prolonged exposure leads to rapidly occurring corrosion.

To overcome this, Maxon H2POXY-A was applied to the structure. H2POXY-A is a hydrophobic, above-the-water-line epoxy product that features extreme toughness and adhesion. H2POXY-A retains zero water when left submerged in saltwater for up to 12 days. It will not react to mist, humidity, rain, or water spills even while in an uncured state. While typical epoxies exhibit a loss of mass of 25 to 35 mg after 1000 cycles, H2POXY-A tested at only a 3 mg loss of mass after the same tests. H2Poxy-A has passed hot-tire tests and can be used for hydro-static pressure. It can be successfully applied to wet concrete and wet metals. It will disperse water and firmly attach to the substrate.

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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