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Maxon was able to provide the befitting solutions for fading paints and yellowing plastics in motor vehicles. Maxon Nano Products extends the life of the surfaces to which it has been applied.

A usual occurrence in vehicles over a long period of time is the fading of paint and yellowing of plastics (headlights).

Engineered using Nanostructuring, MNP (Maxon Nano Products) has the ability to penetrate deep into the microscopic pores, holes, cracks and defects of a painted surface performing a chemical bond to improve hardness, resistance to water permeation, and recover original colour and gloss. MNP extends the in-service life of newly or highly oxidized painted surfaces (minimum 120 months/10 years), restores original colour & gloss, increases surface hardness, and provides extreme UV resistance.

Some of the other properties of MNP include:

High scratch resistance (> 4H pencil hardness)
Extreme chemical resistance (>1,500 MEK rubs)
Extreme weathering resistance (98 – 100% gloss retention)

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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