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We were asked by a leading group providing turnkey solutions with several years of experience in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of steam boilers, hot water boilers, calorifiers, heat pumps, water treatment systems, swimming pool equipment, water features, renewable energy systems, piping, repair, annual maintenance services, and more.

The life of a solar water heating system will depend on the durability of the materials of construction involved and, on the conditions, existing within and around the system. One of the main causes of corrosion in a solar water heater is the water itself. Corrosion can occur in the collector, pipework, hot water storage cylinder or heat exchanger. MAXON CRS was first applied to prevent corrosion formation, penetration and also to reinforce the outer surface. MAXON H2Poxy-A was then applied as a water-resistant, protective layer for the exterior as well as the interior. The combination ensures that the pipe would not corrode despite being subject to high temperatures and water.

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This job was executed without sandblasting or grinding.

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