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Maximum Protection with Incomparable Sealant Properties

MAXON-WB (Water Barrier) possesses unparalleled ability to provide a durable non-skid water-resistant product that still allows the substrate to breathe. It will not change the look of the coated substrate after drying, nor be affected by freeze-thaw cycles, and will prevent efflorescence on concrete substrates.

MAXON-WB is a liquefied resin silica. It can be used after other permeating products and cures as a waterproofing, non-skid agent. After MAXON-WB hardens, it will be abrasion-resistant and creates a long-lasting barrier for concrete substrates.

MAXON-WB is a clear liquid solution that provides maximum sealant and anti-skid properties to concrete, stucco, block walls, concrete roofs, and walkways.

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