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Extreme Durability Against Abrasion, Impact, and Wear & Tear

A multi-function polyaspartic coating, MAXON MP80 can be used on interior or exterior surfaces and for protective or decorative purposes. MP80 does not require any special primer but can be used with other MAXON products. Designed to be applied on a variety of metal and mineral substrates, and even certain plastics, the resulting coating will be UV resistant with flexible properties.

MP80 may also be used as a finish coat over a variety of other coatings to provide an abrasion-resistant and chemical-resistant finish with outstanding colour and gloss retention. MAXON MP80 is ideal for a variety of high traffic, commercial or residential flooring surfaces, and even concrete countertops. It is also used for road markings and traffic signage.

MP80 provides good resistance to pooling water or chemicals commonly found in commercial, household, and pool treatment chemicals, as well as hot tires.



  • Able to cure at low temperatures (-30F/-34C); longer cure time needed in low temperatures.
    (Note: Reference is related to surface temperature, not ambient temperature)
  • Typical recoat time is 1 hour; walk-on time is from 1 to 2 hours.

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