Superlative Water Resistance

Engineered using Nanostructuring, MNP (MAXON Nano Products) has the ability to penetrate deep into the microscopic pores, holes, cracks, and defects of a painted surface performing a chemical bond to improve hardness, resistance to water permeation, and recover original colour and gloss.

MAXON-Nano is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance and extend the service life of "newly" painted or "oxidized" painted surfaces by 10+ years. MAXON-Nano dramatically improves corrosion resistance, scratch, abrasion, chemical & UV resistance. MAXON-Nano penetrates deep into the pores of painted surfaces to enhance colour, improve gloss, dramatically improve surface hardness, and extend UV resistance. MAXON-Nano is a single component humidity cured/highly cross-linked/hybrid polyurethane nano-coating. It can be applied on oil & gas tankers, oil & gas pipelines, exterior pipelines, lifeboats, cargo ships, epoxy floors, bridges, painted building structures, railway tank cars, chemical tanks, heavy-duty equipment, anodized aluminium, transformers.

A one-component formulation, MNP saves on labour and preparation time. Designed to be applied directly over two-component coatings, it also extends the in-service life of newly painted or highly oxidized painted surfaces.



  • 40°F (4¡C) to 90°F (32°C) Relative Humidity: 20% to 90%

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