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MAXON-HW is a dual-purpose product and provides long-lasting protection against water infiltration, and a deep introduction of catalytic chemistry that reacts directly to alkali. It creates alkali hydrates that will become a complex silica hydrogel that bonds within the voids found in concrete.

MAXON-HW will pass around various aggregates and fill empty spaces in the concrete matrix. The alkali will be turned into a natural compound; this will lessen other further reactions. It will not alter the appearance of the surface or physical characteristics and will enhance surface traction quality, making it ideal for use on all new or existing concrete installations including bridges, decks, streets, airport runways, basements, parking garage decks, sidewalks, driveways, slabs, etc.

MAXON-HW enhances the bond between the concrete surface and the coating by increasing the density of the surface of concrete substrates.



  • Can access alkali up to 100 mm to 150 mm (3” to over 5”) in typical batch-mix concrete.

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