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H2Poxy-B (Below Waterline) has been formulated to be prepared and mixed above the waterline and to be applied beneath the waterline. H2Poxy-B is a highly thixotropic, heavy mixture of highly hydrophobic materials with a reactive catalyst for quick cure times underwater. H2Poxy is a solvent-free high-solids product with excellent wetting capabilities. A hydrophobic liquid resin is used as the primary binding agent. It is both highly adhesive and allows for a bottom-to-top cure.

To increase long term durability, additional solids have been added for long-term underwater durability and hardness. The catalyst is also hydrophobic by nature and comes from a renewable source. Adhesion to concrete and metal underwater is exceptional.

H2Poxy-B is both highly adhesive and allows for a bottom-to-top cure. H2Poxy is drawn from a natural, renewable, non-food chain raw material basic feedstock. With a comprehensive green product format containing 0 VOCs, H2Poxy-B is a 100% solids product.

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